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Expires on: January 01, 1970

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ABDULLAH A AL BARRAK & SONS CO/Abdullah Bin Abdelwahab Al Barrak and his Sons Co.
Oil & Gas Construction / Operation & Maintenance
8 year(s)
  • Provide high level consultations to support Company strategies and policies in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) management and Decarbonization.
  • Oversee the development and implementation of the Corporate GHG protocol, and lead new technologies or research initiatives in the field of GHG emissions reduction, including methane.
  • Support the professional development of young Saudi engineers in areas related to environmental assessment, management, and technologies.
  • Develop business goals and identify GHG reduction opportunities,
  • Evaluate climate change GHGs emissions pathways and energy outlooks,
  • Perform research tasks of significant technical complexity, as well as developing and implementing innovative and creative technical solutions.
  • Interact with government and international entities pertaining to climate change reporting mechanisms.
  • Support facility operations in GHG minimization efforts,
  • Assess and deploy new GHG emissions mitigation technologies for Saudi Aramco operations
  • Update Saudi Aramco engineering standards and procedures, leading environmental audits,
  • Review project designs and decarbonization impact assessments studies and roadmaps,
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