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Job Openings


Position Details
Administration / Management
3 year(s)

·         A self-starter hungry for responsibility, someone who likes to be responsible;

 ·         A natural team leader, but also a team player;

 ·         A strong personality, but respectful of authority and seniority;

 ·         Very well organized, and capable of organizing and maintaining the schedule of a busy executive;          

 ·         Highly articulate in written and spoken English;

 ·         Able to prioritize work;

 ·         Able to interface with clients of the firm, and to behave appropriately with them;

 ·         Able to make and to adjust travel bookings;

 ·         Able to do basic accounting, and expense reporting;

 ·         Skilled at dealing with people, and able to persuade people to work to achieve his goals;  

 ·         Willing to monitor email traffic from home outside normal office hours;

 ·         Ability to organize electronic and paper filing systems;

 ·         Familiar with state of the art office technologies;

 ·         Able to fit in to an existing team of co-workers, and to take a leading role without offending others;

 ·         Willing to commit at least seven to ten years to the role (of course with annual paid vacations).

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