To support the company’s constant growth, new facilities are continuously being developed and implemented, enabling us to provide effective service to both clients and applicants.

Corporate Head Office

The four-storey office building is located at the heart of Makati City and houses the various administrative and support facilities.

The head office has 6 spacious client interview rooms with a 150-person sitting capacity applicant waiting area. The Briefing Room allows interviewers to conduct applicant exams, orientations and seminars.

The ground floor allows 8 to 10 in-house Technical Evaluators to conduct interviews comfortably with an ample waiting room for applicants.

Accommodations for Applicants

For many applicants coming from the provinces outside Manila, lodging is one of their primary concerns. To help them with this problem, East West is providing free accommodation to trainees, applicants waiting their final interview and selected applicants who are being processed for deployment. The lodging unit located near the head office in Makati has a capacity of 200 persons.

EWPCI Training and Trade Test Center - Makati City

The Training Center, which is located in Makati City, is a three-storey building with a floor area of 1,287 sqm. Catering to mechanical and E & I categories, apart from other skilled categories, the facility can train a batch of 120 welders in three shifts.

East West also employs the services of affiliates like Tesda, Miescor, Executive and PhilAsia for trade testing. With the new Trade Testing Center, the company will be able to conduct trade testing in-house under the supervision of highly competent personnel, thereby eliminating the need to send applicants to affiliated trade testing centers.

East West Placement Center, Inc. Head Office

1059 Metropolitan Ave., San Antonio Village, Makati City, Philippines 1200
Tel No.: (02) 8895 - 6911 (Applicant Hotline)
Fax: (02) 8895 - 3585 (Fax)

EWPCI Training & Testing Center

#4165 Ponte Street, Brgy. Tejeros Makati City
Tel No.: 899-3448
Fax: 899-4698

East West Placement Center Cebu Office

3/F D. Jakosalem Street, Barangay Day-as, Cebu City
Tel No.: (32) 416 - 3612
Fax: (32) 253 - 9493

East West Placement Center Cagayan De Oro

Rm. 207-208 2nd Floor, P&J Building, Tiano Brothers corner Kalambaguhan St. Cagayan De Oro City, Misamis Oriental
Tel No.: (88) 852 - 1171
Fax: (88) 856 - 2974

East West Placement Center Batangas Office

National Highway, Barangay Alangilan, Batangas City (at the back of Athena School)
Telfax: (43) 723 - 7796

Bangladesh Branch Office East West Human Resource Center Ltd.

The branch in Dhaka, Bangladesh, East West Human Resource Center, Ltd., ( is largely responsible for manpower training and development. East West recognizes the scarcity of skilled workers and the growing demand by employers for skilled categories. East West has designed solutions targeting specific client requirements and is taking pro-active steps to recruiting.

Having arranged access to The Welding Centre (BOC subsidiary) and Mirpur Agricultural Workshop and Training School (MAWTS) and other associate training centers in Bangladesh, we can provide hundreds of skilled workers by developing them.

Other Associate Training Centers:
• NANIANG Overseas & Training center Ltd
• MARS Technical Training Center
• UNION Overseas Training Center Ltd
• HAYAT Technical Training Center Ltd
• TELLUS Piping Training Center Ltd
These training centers provide training for:
• Welders - TIG
• Welders - 6G
• Welders - 4G
• Fabricators, Pipe
• Fabricators, Steel
• Pipe Fitters
• Civil Construction Trades

Apart from our training partners, East West is currently constructing its own two-storey training center in Dhaka, Bangladesh, with a total floor area of 1,609 sq.m., which will offer training on civil construction trades and accommodations for its trainees.

Contact Details
2/B Rupsha Tower, 7 Kemal Ataturk Avenue Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh
+880 - 2 - 9822079 / +880 - 2 - 9822080
+88 - 02 - 8824383

Selected applicants by CCC KSA, CCC UAE and Hidada for 2007

Charge Hand Equipment 3
Charge Hand Mechanical 6
Charge Hand Millwright 5v
Charge Hand Pipe Fabrication 14
Charge Hand Piping 33
Charge Hand Steel Erection 3
Charge Hand Welding 37
Computer Operator 12
Crane Operator 26
Backhoe Operator 11
Roller Operator 9
Shovel Operator 7
Electrician 12
Grinder 46
Heavy Driver 32
Helper Mechanical 92
Helper Welding 145
Hydrotesting Fitter 11
Light Driver 33
Millwright Fitter 15
NDT Tech 8
Pipe Fabricator 44
Pipe Fitter 233
PWHT Tech 8
QC Inspector,Equipment 3
QC Inspector,Piping/Welding 2
QC Inspector,Trainee 21
Rigger 32
Scaffolder 45
Steel Erector 39
Steel Fabricator 28
Structural Fabricator 11
Structural Fitter 13
Welder 6G 436
Welder Tig 176
TOTAL 1, 651

East West Human Resource Center Ltd.

2/B Rupsha Tower, 7 Kemal Ataturk Avenue Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Tel. Nos.: +880 - 2 - 9822079 / +880 - 2 - 9822080
Fax: +88 - 02 - 8824383

East West Human Resource Center Ltd.

House #51, Block #D, Bamnar Tech, Turag, Dhaka, Bangladesh

A two storied build with a total floor area of 23100 sq.ft is now operational, set with the latest and advance machine, equipments & tools the training center is now accepting training for Welding, Pipe Fabrication, Structural Steel Fabrication. the in the future we will also conduct training for Mason, Bar Binder, Shuttering Carpenter, Plumber, Tile Fixer, Finishing Carpenter for Civil Division and for Electrical courses will be ready for Building Electrician & Industrial Electrician

EW Training Center -Safety Sign & Warnings

Welding Section 50 Welding Booths, Classroom capacity up to 150 Student

Fabrication Section 1400 sq.ft Floor Area, Classroom capacity up to 150 Student

Bangladesh Training Center

Information Systems

The company’s information system is the key to providing fast, accurate and reliable service. Its network of over 120 computers is protected by a comprehensive virus defense system, spam filter and firewall.

Recruitment Management System (RMS)

The RMS is a fully-integrated database system of thousands of resumes maintained for reference and mobilization. This system manages information from all stages of the recruitment process, from recruitment to pre-screening to processing to deployment. Utilizing the RMS, the processing time has been dramatically cut down.

Wide Area Network

All branch offices are connected to the head office network thru VPN (Virtual Private Network), which enables branch computers to access the main database (RMS) and update it on a real-time basis. Applicant CVs and photos from the main servers are also directly accessible from any branch office.


The website allows applicants to view current requirements and clients to view available categories. Clients can also download requested CVs thru the website. It will later be redesigned to become interactive and integrated to the RMS, which is currently undergoing extensive redevelopment itself.

With the advent of the interactive website, clients will be able to register and post job orders or update their manpower requirements online and download applicant CVs and access our database of CVs. They will be able to view various reports pertaining to progress, visa utilization, PTA and final mobilization. Clients will even be able to post complaints, queries and comments online. It is policy to respond to all client queries within 12 hours upon receipt thereof. Applicants will be able to apply and verify their application’s status or upgrade their resumes online. Applicants will also be able to activate or deactivate their resumes.

You can view the website of the Bangladesh branch office here:

Internet Video Conferencing

Employers may conduct their interviews from the comfort of their own offices in their home countries thru Internet video conferencing using SightSpeed or Skype. SightSpeed and Skype are revolutionary internet video conferencing software that allow you to interview applicants thru a web cam.

Unlike the other traditional video calling services like Yahoo and MSN Messenger whose frames rates are up to 5 or 7fps, SightSpeed and Skype offer higher frames rates of up to 28 fps, providing fluid real-time video.

With internet video conferencing, you don't have to leave your office to conduct interviews. Contact us to find out how to setup this facility in your company.


Leveraging on the proliferation of mobile phones, recruitment personnel now utilizes SMS (Short Messaging System) broadcasting to communicate with most applicants. This facility allows staff to send SMS to and receive SMS from applicants thru the Internet. Response thru SMS is faster, thus making for a more efficient mobilization process.

Procedures Audit

East West conducts regular audits on its procedures to ensure that current protocols fit the changing needs of clients